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their government to deliver valuable services and they have a feeling it's not working. president obama must feel like he's tied down. every time he turns around he can't move in any way. it raises the question can he get anything done in this second term as president with the republicans playing this obstructionist role. >> we'll be following. dan rather, thank you so much. we lost donnie. he just got up and left. >> you know where he went. >> catch dan rather special part 2 on immigration reform and political battle over the path to citizenship. that's on tuesday at 8:00 on access tv. look at what's coming up next. are you serious? >> she needed to be escorted. ms. stewart needed to be escorted. >> dan, you know martha. >> i do indeed. >> i'm sorry, martha. >> i was being a gentleman. hey america, even though she doesn't need them, cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to prove that with soft fabric and waistband, the best protection looks, fits, and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try for yourself. creativity. ingenuity. leadership. these are ski
that the obama administration are facing right now different in nature, but does this president risk becoming weighed down with these scandals and not able to get his agenda back on the table like immigration reform, fiscal issues, education? >> well, there's three scandals potentially in the works right now, as you know, suzanne. it's bad enough when there's one like the monica scandal that plagued the clinton administration, or iran contra that plagued the second term of the reagan administration, certainly watergate that plagued richard nixon's administration in the second term and led to his forced resignation as president of the united states. so those were all individual scandals that obviously escalated and escalated and escalated. you never know where they're going to wind up. there are three underway right now. so he's got to deal with it. and yesterday he came out forcefully and tried to deal with the irs scandal. he's got these two other issues, the benghazi issue that's not going away. to a lesser degree the monitoring the phone records of the associated press reporters and editor
yesterday. you know i as a liberal and as a progressive said -- and i am not backing down -- that i think eric holder has outlived whatever usefulness he had to the obama administration, to president obama, and that he ought to go. he ought to either be fired or president obama should ask him to resign. give him a chance. i don't want to be too mean. let him say i want to spend more time with my family and step down. but at any rate i think he ought to go. that was -- and i said that. and i tweeted that out, and it first of all, showed up on the front page of the hill a great newspaper covering ent did on capitol hill here showed up there yesterday. it was picked up by drudge. it was on the front page of drudge. it was then picked up by politico in an interview with politico and ends up on the front page of politico. i heard from a friend last night that it was reported on fox news. i don't know whether that's something to be proud of or not. >> how does it feel to be the new darling of the g.o.p.? >> exactly. i did an interview over an hour ago, already
got him a shout-out at the white house science fair. president obama was impressed by this young innovator's tenacity. >> jack "space from research labs to pursue his work nearly 200 times. 200 times he asked. 200 times he was turned down. finally, with the help of some folks at johns hopkins, he got research facilities that he needed. >> axelrod: did it sting when you would get rejections? >> it definitely did sting because i kind of knew that a lot of them were just kind of being a bit discriminatory because they were like this is a 15-year-old. he can't possibly be doing this. >> axelrod: dismissive. >> yes, very dismissive. >> in the category of medicine-- >> axelrod: when may explain the overwhelming emotion he felt when he won last year's intel international science and engineering fair. the sweet validation came with $100,000 in scholarships. but jack andraka has got his eye on even bigger things. >> the name of the competition is called the tricorder xprize. it's a $10 million prize. >> axelrod: did you say $10 million? >> yes, $10 million. essentially, what you have to d
knew everything. she knew when i was down the street arguing with my sister lou lou about whose turn it was to walk the new dog or ride the new bike. when i listen to the obama white house i give her even more credit. no one in this administration
for coming and it was a great segment and i hope people don't think we are going down the road. i knew there'd be jokes. turning to the latest developments there is a new irs chief obama tapping the office of management budget office to take the head of the agency but stephen miller is still scheduled to lew testify tomorrow the first on the scandal we have tim griffin from arkansas a member of that committee. first of all, tell me what you want to hear and what question will you be asking? >> i want to know did the irs target conservative groups in response to the letters it receives from senator schumer and senator levin or did it do this on its own? what is the origin of this idea and also why after numerous questions to the officials at the irs and the forms of letters and hearings, why the irs did not update members of congress when they learned this was going on. gerri: lots of questions clearly. but i have asked a couple of senators wrote letters asking them to go after these groups was that the impetus for this chasing down of the tea party? >>. >> look at what the irs was doing but
, sometimes the most powerful metaphors happen inadvertently, president obama at the press conference thursday, a fine marineth providing cover for the president, wondering just wondering, where the cover was when ambassador, two navy seals and an airmen were pinned down in benghazi needing cover. thank you for joining us. i'll see you am on "the five" wk days at 5:00 p.m. eastern. have a great weekend, everybody. >> hello, i'm kimberly guilfoyle and the rest. it's 5:00 o'clock in new york city. this is "the five". >> one of the most powerful t agencies in our governmentes abused its powers by targetingnn americans for their political beliefs. americans are demanding answers, so today congress tried to get them by holding the firstd to hearing on the irs scandal. outgoing commissioner steven miller was called to testify before the house, ways and means committee and he had a lotto explaining to do.mean >> as acting commissioner, i want to apologize on behalf of the internal revenue service for the mistakes that we made and the poor service we provided. >> do you
the agenda today, president obama has finally grabbed the extinguisher and let it loose. will it be enough to slow down the fire is in the? there's an info fern your building around his administration. he took three critical steps. step one, step two, the release of 100 pages of benghazi e-mails at the white house, and step three, the most dramatic, announcing the resignation of irs commissioner steve miller late yesterday. >> americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency, but especially in the irs. given the power that it has and the reach that it has in all of our lives. >> and new this hour, developing words that the president could announce a new commissioner in a matter of days. tea party conserves held a news conference and they called for more heads to roll. we're going to hear from house speaker john boehner who just yesterday asked not who is going to lose their jobs over the irs mess, but who is going to jail. peter, let's start with that developing news that we just got in the last few minutes concern
the obama administration gave out wrong information from the public about what happened. this is why we care. it comes down to trust. was that a mistake or was it intentional? and there are other reasons why americans care about the government vent laying the truth on benghazi. first in the pursuit of justice, for the four victims, the truth is imperative. did our government try to help them or not? clearly, this was not some he protest gone wrong. so, were there signs, warning signs that we needed to protect those people better that went ignored? on that very night that those calls for help go ignored and if so by whom? justice for the victims. part of why we care about this story. both as the journalists and as a nation. also the entire incident spotlights security that our trusted officials are giving to the super stars of our democracy. diplomats, the people who take our way of life out into the world and walk it out. do they have what they need to stay safe or in this case stay alive? security for our carriers of justice, another part of the story that makes us care. and finally governm
obama on what, the top of mount olympus listening to harp music while all types of things are going down with a mere mortal. that is unacceptable. >> nice image. i appreciate that. david, we know that the white house counsel's office was advised by the department of treasury inspector general that prepared this report on the irs that this report was coming out. we are still told by the white house that the counsel did not tell that to president obama. how are democrats handling this on capitol hill? obviously republicans are outraged. i haven't heard a lot of democrats coming to the president's defense or saying that the president is doing a good job handling this. >> jake, this is the first time we've seen i think since the president has been in office where congressional democrats have joined with republicans in criticizing the administration and promising to try and get to the bottom of something. it's typical for your party if your party is in the white house you don't want to cause that guy a problem and that's just the way things go. in washington a lot of politics is situational.
the irs department under this particular .incinnati branch or division would act like it down to the bottom of the truth from where the problem starts. this is not as far up at the white house as president obama or any of his administration sitting on the cabinet. jacksonville florida, we will be talking about the historical relationship between the white house and the irs. first of want to show you a little bit of what happened at yes to the's house ways and means hearing. we're going to show you the opening statement of ways and means chairman, a republican from michigan, where he criticizes the obama administration for not disclosing that the irs is targeting conservative groups. [video clip] >> this appears to be the latest example of cover-ups and political and it did give the political intimidation. it seems at the truth is hidden from the american people just long enough to make it through an election. the american people have the right to the truth. a government to delivers the fax good or bad the matter what. president obama promised to deliver a different government,
the elevator of success, but to go down it. they will do far worse than their parents' generation before, and that's not the american way. president obama, himself, without the advantage of having a book that got him out of debt would have been in student debt, himself, not long before he became a united states senator. so this is an incredible scenario for the students of this country. while we're selling them pipe dreams, we have to fig wrure ou way to pump up this economy so people are able to live and students are able to get reductions in the kind of costs put on them as they try to pursue an education. >> all the americans killing student debt, one in five are between $25,000 and $50,000 on student loans. how are you supposed to get started in life if you're way down by that volume of debt? >> it's nearly impossible. you're leveraging your future. you're borrowing against whatever money that you'll be able to make, and this is why people, you know, can't not only get out of debt, martin. given the default rate of the student loans, you can see students can't afford to pay them back
planned by extremists inside of libya. who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? so the whole thing defies logic. and the fact that this keeps on getting churned out has to do with political motivations. >> president obama also saying today that the e-mails leaked on friday that showed the revision process for the administration's original talking points on benghazi, those revisions, those e-mails, that information had been released to congress months ago. congressional committees, he said reviewed them several months ago, concluded that in fact there was nothing afoul in terms of the process we used, but then suddenly three days ago, this gets spun up as if there's something new to the story. the president concluded by saying there's no there there. we'll have more to come this hour and the other story, the irs story that the president also reacted to very strongly and with very sharp language. all ahead this hour. but this is one of those news days when the news was breaking like waves in the ocean. just one thing after the other. the largest lat
79. the past couple of years, our state department has been trying to water down this law. on january 19, 2012, president obama signed an executive order to increase travel and tourism in the united states read as part of this initiative, many interviews would be waived for individuals reapplying for temporary admission to the united states. the ministration has aggressively used -- administration has aggressively used the waiver allowed for in this section 222 to waive these interviews and do it worldwide for a vast class of people. , thesing the interview administration has blatantly ignored the safeguards that congress put in place to prevent -- the terrorism that we all remember, we call 9/11. they are doing this in the name of tourism through a desire for more tourism dollars is not exactly the sort of national interest that we had in mind in justifying a waiver of the visa interview requirement. so this underlying legislation waters down the law even more. visa interviews would not be necessary if the secretary determines that an in or an -- or that a person class of persons are
. remember, they've turned down some democratic groups. they've revoked the permits of some democratic groups at the irs, during the obama administration. >> well, look, you're not going to get any complaints from me when it comes to the need for tax reform. i completely agree. it's also fun to talk about ways -- find ways in which we can make this less of a scandal. or it's not the real scandal and there are other real scandals, but clearly this is a big deal. and heads need to roll. who gets fired, though? in your expert opinion, when you know of this system that's a mess, this crazy bureaucracy, who gets fired? who's responsible ultimately? >> well, we don't have an irs commissioner. we have an acting commissioner. steve miller, he used to run the exempt organizations. low wiz learned the woman who let the cat out of the bag friday because she knew it was going to come out the following wednesday was his produproceed . my guess is both of them are toast. there's no posturing on anything we've seen in a criminal investigation. and it certainly shouldn't fall on front line people who are the
house finds itself in the midst of multiple scandals. mister obama just announced late this afternoon that the acting irs commissioner was asked to step down. steven miller's resignation comes after it was revealed that the irs improperly targeted convervative groups, including the tea party.who wanted tax exempt status. >> i've reviewed the and treasury departments misconduct uncovered it is inexcusable. it is inexcusable, and americans have a right to be angry about it and i am angry about it! i will not tolerate this type of behavior in any including the irs. >> reporter: the president also says steps will be taken to make sure similar irs mis-steps don't happen again. also happening this afternoon.the white house releases 100 pages of emails and notes connected to the benghazi attack last september. the documents describe how the white house came up with "talking points" to describe what the administration wanted to discuss publicly right after the attack that killed u.s. ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. >> reporter: the white house and state department have fac
provided. >> man meanwhile, president obama has fulfilled the job of the acting irs commissioner. >> 16 tornadoes confirmed touched down. >> six people killed, seven missing. >> i have seen it in movies and news and stuff, but never happened. >>> another army officer relieved of his duties as manager of a sexual assault prevention program. >> this amid a series of high-profile cases of alleged sexual abuse. >> shameful and dangerous to our national security. >> in idaho, a man is in custody on custody charges, accused of wanting to use a weapon of mass destruction. >>> a car goes into the pool at a ft. lauderdale hotel. >>> a teenager bags the biggest alligator in texas. 800 pounds. >> all that and -- >> wow. that will bruise his ego. >> and david, you tenderly squeezed my arm at the end of that interview. >> oh, my god. >> i spent a lot of time of fidel castro. >> what does that mean, barbara? >> all that matters. >> the irs scandal claimed more victims. the agency softball team canceled a game against senator john cornyn's office. >> no comment from the irs officers who call themselve
and the crew had to go out onto the wings or down the plane emergency flight to safety. >>> well, it could be president obama's worst week in office wrapped up on friday with a contenttuous hearing. the acting irs president came under fire. kristen walker is following it. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that's right, it was contentious and there was bipartisan outrage. here are the highlights from that hearing on friday. steven miller, who is the acting irs commissioner who offered his resignation earlier this week, apologized for not telling congress for more than a year that the irs was targeting for increased scrutiny tea party groups and other conservative groups seeking tax exempt status. miller was adamant this was not about politics. he said it was a foolish mistake, called it obnoxious. republicans didn't buy that excuse. there were a number of heated exchanges. take a look at one of them. >> why did you mislead congress and the american people on this? >> mr. chairman, i did not mislead congress nor the american people. i answered the questions as they were asked. >> repo
obama. the white house 6th to raise money for democratic candidates for the u.s. senate. tickets for a reception in palo alto start at $2500. sitting down for dinner with the president in portola valley will cost more than $32,000. >>> apple co-founder steve wozniak told cal grads to seek personal happiness and not wealth. they face a tough job market, but as ktvu's christien kafton told us that they were encouraged to look beyond statistics and find fulfillment. >> reporter: with the thundering beat and the sun beating down, cal's graduating class of 2013 filled memorial day stadium. today's commencement address was the last for outgoing chancellor birgeneau. >> how does it feel? >> i have loved being chief financial and administrative officer, but looking forward to being a profession. >> apple cope founder steve wozniak, deceased addressed the crowd. and formaldehyde kutv internal and current cnn white house correspondent brianna keilar. >> fight to follow what inspires you. >> reporter: and finally the moment that the students had been working towards for years. while man
is to mangle both language and logic. in fact, president obama's world view is rooted in american exceptionalism. you see, the fundamental pattern of international relations is that as a country becomes powerful, others gang up to bring it down. that's what happened to the happsburg empire and germany and, of course, the soviet union. one great exception to this rule in modern history. the united states. america has risen to global might and has not produced the balancing opposition that many would have predicted. in fact, the astonishing position of being the world's dominant power while many of the world's next most powerful nations, britain, france, germany, japan are all allied with it. the reason surely has something to do with the nature of germany. after world war ii we revive our enemy as and turn them into allies. people around the world do see the u.s. as different from other older empyres. but it also has something to do with the way the united states has exercised power. reluctantly. historically, america was not eager to jump into the global arena. it entered world wa
-term agenda? president obama under a cloud of scandal, as congress bears down on irs officials who targeted conservative groups. >> this week confirms everything that the american public believes. this is a huge blow to the faith and trust the american people have in their government. >> the key questions now -- who initiated the targeting and why? who else in the administration knew? and why was congress misinformed for so long? with us this morning, the president's senior adviser, dan pfeiffer, the republican leader in the senate,
. >> pretty strong words there from the house speaker and clearly, republicans are going to jump up and down on this. let's remember the broader context here, which they're hitting on a little bit as well. barack obama came into office promising the most transparent administration in white house history. a lot of people who were upset at george w. bush and dick cheney rushed to obama and said, finally, we have someone on our side. his administration's record on prosecuting whistleblowers, on dissembling with the truth on benghazi and elsewhere and just not being open to scrutiny has been disgraceful up until now. all of these various scandals underline that point and i'm glad you know, i hate that we have to pay this cost, but i'm glad that more people are waking up to what has been a very disappointing transparency record. >> for the average person trying to get into the minutia, names, details and timeline of what happened and who knew what and when, can get to be a lot especially when talking about two or three things, but to the overall point matt is talking about, that this was an admin
, contend the obama administration and the justice department could is dragging the process out. >> he says that congress won't guantanomo. that's not true the president has the authority under the national defense authorization act to shut down guantanomo yesterday. he could do it, he doesn't want to do it. eric holder is here and also this university is harboring a war criminal on the faculty, john yoo, so we're here for both of them today to say that neither of these people should be held up as role models for university students and law graduates. >> attorney general eric holder addressed the law school graduates. professor john yoo authored what is known as the torture memo which authorized enhanced interrogation methods by thetr the bush administration. >> we did have some high clouds for this evening. this time lapse from the bay bridge. notice, on the left side and low clouds pressing into the bay for tonight. a lot of low cloudiness and san francisco. take a look at the roof from kron 4. see anything. the fog is at street level, windy, cold, and pointed out of the inland valleys it
think he was quite down to earth. >> reporter: earlier in the week, the 28-year-old made the rounds on capitol hill. even attended a white house event, hosted by first lady michelle obama and dr. jill biden, honoring military mothers. he boosted morale of those injured at walter reed medical center and paid respects to the hallen at arlington national cemetery. he will take in more events. then, he has stops scheduled in new york city and new jersey, with just enough time to squeeze in a round of polo. then, heading his african-based charity. >> i think he has a high cute factor. >>> time to check the weather and over to ginger zee, who also has a high cute factor. >> thank you. cold mother's day. people are going to want to turn that off. kansas city, 35 degrees. that's a record. international falls fell to one at 22 degrees. it's cold and has been throughout the springtime in minnesota. then, they had wind. yesterday, so strong, it did this. look. see that the white? that's all ice, crawling up towards the house. actually, a row of homes. they said it sounded like breaking glass.
and a shifts are the precedents that sort of the era of the spring -- of the arab spring. when you look down the road 10- 15 years from now and try to assess how well president obama did this, there will be huge historical changes going on in this region. internal conflicts, a change from the system of the strong man that had run the place in the last century. i think as you step back, the question of how much one president could really change what was going on in such a historical level might be questioned if it was even possible to have that much of a say on who was gunned to come from power in egypt. it was clear to come to power in syria. i think they will probably be criticism on a micro level of there has been so much bloodshed in syria. there has been -- the egyptian economy is in a shambles. i think there will be a criticism that there was not a more active role to a least manage it, to a least try to keep some of the more realistic approaches for a buffer zone or no-fly zone or at least humanitarian aids where people could go to areas they will not get killed. this is something not
was singling out conservative groups for extra review. >> president obama mentioned this controversy right before the start of his meeting with the visiting british prime minister. as we mentioned, david cameron sitting down with him. here's what he had to say just a few moments ago. >> as mepgsd, the president and prime minister cameron are expected to speak live with reporters and take questions. all of it to get under way in a few moments. our teams are scrambling. that will be live. we will bring it to you as soon as they begin actually speaking. in the meantime, again, other major news, detroit, a city that is dysfunctional and wasteful, those are kwoerkts after years of mismanagement and corruption, a very bleak assessment coming from the city's emergency managener a report on his his first 45 days in office. that report is due out today. his name is kevin orr. his report says that city will finish its current budget year with a $162 million cash flow shortfall. details on how orr plans to steer that major city out of itsful crisis, expected to come in months to come. >>> also mother
's daughter into their political campaign. >> think of it if it was chelsea clinton pinned down with mortars coming in and a five-hour difference between when they first learned, the e-mails came out, benghazi under fire or four-hour difference between when obama met with biden, between when then and one of the precious children were injured or killed, don't you think -- don't you think we'd be asking different questions now? >> bringing up malia and sasha into a discussion of sasha, asking if the president would have reacted differently if they were hurt or killed? it's offensive. it's shameful. even fox injury rger ral doe ha to call him out. >> eric, did you say that the president obama would have sent hem if malia or sasha was there? >> do you want to listen or throw a grenade? i said, bob, you have a son and a daughter. if it was either one of those, whether it was chelsea clinton or malia or sasha, if they were there, would we be asking different questions? >> it's think it's unbelievable that you would be saying that. to bring a daughter's in, it's a slander that helps nobody. i've go
of the irs to step down, mike. >> that's true. already a call for heads to roll. senator mark co-rubio sent e stronglyto secretary jack urges president obama to demand the irs commissioner's resignation effective immediately. on the other side of the aisle the senate majority leader said there should not be a rush to fire people promised he will take a closer look at the inspector general's report when it comes out later this week. reid saying today quote the alleged actions of ifers employee notice cincinnati field office are a terrible breech of the public's trust targeting any group based on its political stance with completely inappropriate. the irs says the acting commissioner stephan t. miller was first informed a year ago may 2012 that tea party groups were inappropriately targeted for scrutiny. he wrote a member of congress but did not mention the controversy. numerous questions asked by members of congress about going after conservative groups. the irs didn't reveal it until an apology on a conference call on friday. shep. >> shepard: president obama says if true the actions against
in the next couple years, the debt to gdp will come down. there's a problem with saying that. you have to do something. hopefully obama will do something with the entitles now while the democrats are in there. we have no problem in the next two, three, four five years. there is no problem. the debt to gdp will come down. it is down in 7, 8, 10 years when it really starts picking up again. joe and i start collecting retirement or whatever. >> that's like half of new jersey yourself. >> we do a lot of stuff in new jersey. >> what about -- should we just borrow a bunch of money and fix every bring in the country and build some new roads. >> listen we should -- things that need to get done get done. people will say they have this that in china. that's fantastic. that's not what we should do. when we need things we do things. should we do more infrastructure? yeah. if we can fix the entitlements which may be the renaissance which may come in 2015 2016 supply and demand is a little better you will pick up tax revenues. i was a bull on the united states of america in 2009 whe
that the obama administration violated constitutional rights after it got a secret subpoena to obtain phone records trying to figure out who in the administration might have leaked info about a foiled terror plot to bring down passenger jets. >>> today russian authorities detained american ryan foggal. they say he tried to recruit a russian intelligence officer to the cia. he has been ordered to leave russia immediately. >>> prince harry continued his u.s. tour today in new jersey. the prince spent part of his day with chris christie and meeting with victims and first responders. the prince also toured sea side heights where the storm swept the landmark roller coaster into the ocean. >> everyone is getting together and making things right. it is fantastic. >> reporter: after the prince's visit demolition crews finally started removing the roller coaster. prince harry and the governor played carnival games on the newly redone boardwalk. >>> british prime minister dave cameron is in the states. today he visited one of the make shift memorials for the boston bombing. >>> a small victory for o.
. coming one day after the president tried to restore confidence in government by coming down hard on the irs. trying to step out of a political sinkhole, president obama expressed anger at misconduct within the irs. >> inexcusable and americans are right to be angry about it, and i am angry about it. i will not tolerate this kind of behavior in any agency. >> reporter: the agency's acting commissioner, steve miller, asked to resign, and president obama vowed to put in place new safegua safeguards. >> i'll do everything in my power to make sure nothing like this happens again. >> reporter: this scandal threatens to run much deeper. the justice department has launched a criminal vastgation and attorney general eric holder was on the hot seat wednesday. pressed for answers by the house judiciary committee. >> i would strongly encourage this administration to get all the facts out. >> anybody who has broken the law will be held accountable. >> there is bipartisan outrage, but some top republicans have already made a decision. >> my question is not who will resign, but who is going to
in the military. a sharp rise in the number of sexual assaults. president obama called it shameful, disgraceful and a danger to national security. he ordered pentagon officials to crack down yesterday amid a series of high profile cases of alleged sexual abuse involving service members assigned to prevent those very crimes. pentagon correspondent barbara starr joins us. the situation is bad and seems to be getting worse. >> it is certainly grabbing the headlines. there are a rising number of sex crimes. the president is looking for answers on how to make it stop. >> reporter: another embarrassment for the u.s. military. this time at fort campbell, home of the 101st airborne division. lieutenant colonel darren haas was removed from his job in sexual prevention after being accused of violating a protective order to stay away from his wife. he had sent greetings to his wife while serving in afghanistan in 2010. the incident came to light just hours after president obama met with top brass about sexual assault in the military. >> there is no silver bullet to solving this problem. this is going to r
. the obama administrati now blames its scandals on budget cuts. we'll take a hard look at those numbers in tonight's "chalk talk." ♪ grew up in a small town and when the rain would fall down ♪ ♪ i'd just stare out my w window ♪ ♪ dreaming of what could be and if i'd end up happy ♪ ♪ i would pray i could breakaway ♪ ♪ i'll spread my wings and i'll learn how to fly ♪ i'll do what it takes till i touch the sky ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take a chance, make a change, and break away ♪ ♪ wanna feel the warm breeze, sleep under a palm tree ♪ ♪ feel the rush of the ocean ♪ ♪ get on board a fast train, travel on a jet plane far away ♪ ♪ and break away ♪ out of the darkness and into the sun ♪ ♪ but i won't forget the place i come from ♪ ♪ i gotta take a risk, take a chae, make a change, and break away ♪ connection to nature is a right that the trust for public land is fighting to preserve. from boulevards to ball fields and ponds to playgrounds, together we have saved over 3 million acres of land. a park is a gift that is worth protecting. help su
. >> judge jeanine: i don't know how she did it. but my mom knew everything. she knew when i was down the street arguing with my sister lou lou about whose turn it was to walk the new dog or ride the new bike. when i listen to the obama white house i give her even more credit. no one in this administration
this is a system-wide scandal. the report will be delivered to the president in a month. >> that's why we sat down with former mayor willie brown and our political reporter. all of this leads back in one way or another to president obama. he doesn't seem to react, naturally, to anything, including the questions of this and the fallout from reports that the justice department was looking into the associated press phone records. why? >> i'm sorry to tell you, that is a natural thing. [ laughter ] >> his reactions are natural. that's who he is. he has always been kind of a social worker, almost pastoral type of responder to everything. zero emotions. you're not going to get him to do that. that is not the way he operates. he measures every single solitary thing, which means that at no point does his blood pressure rise. >> you want him to feel the passion of these things. and there is a disconnect. it takes him three days to say that was outrageous. there is a distance. you want -- especially with the irs. the irs touches everything, every american. >> most of the democrats have gone totally silent,
serves at both parties to go in and do a 30- day top down review to make sure this never happens -- >> reporter: the president had no prior knowledge bo the issue and only learned about the scandal from the media. >> >> defending the obama administration's response to the deadly attack on the benghazi consulate. the administration released 100 pages of e-mail outlining the talking points used to brief the public on the attack. the e-mails show there was no attempt to distort what was known about the attack at the time and he said the president was kept fully informed at the time it was unfolding. >> somehow, the president he allowed this to happen. it is offensive -- someone made the decision to put an embassy and a konsyl in a war-torn country with no host country to guard that, leaving the guarding and the security up to a militia. that decision alone was a terrible and tragic error. >> the chairman of the house oversight committee has -- . four americans were killed, including u.s. ambassador to libya, christopher stevens. . >>> a big explosion in a small wyoming town. what ca
. they are not close to him. they thought he was sailing down the river on entitlements. the next thing to watch, guys, is keystone pipeline. i think obama has to cave on that. >> now, the government has all the sources that the associated press has had for the past two months. just imagine the lack of work that somebody like charlie gasparino or our own elizabeth macdonald, the difficulty that they would have collected the information if their sources knew that the government would have access to their names and information. dennis: it will go back to base. cheryl: we are always watching the markets. we do it every 15 minutes here on fox business. paul christopher, wells fargo chief mobile strategist is joining me now. we have the s&p 500. right now we are at 1658. you are calling for a decent return for the s&p 500. >> we are looking for the s&p to finish between 1575 and 1625. we think that is a pretty good return. in the meantime, we like set the goals. this is where it gets crucial. look at a one-year chart. bouncing back.one quite well cheryl: what about a joke? what about china? i want to show
, but are they that irritating? >> they are, but we shouldn't say the story too loud because the obama administration could get the idea of levying taxes on business anchors. >> they are trying to tax conservatives. >> exactly. they are already well down the road. >> silly to tax people because of the life choice, but today's hipster is tomorrow's six figure income salary with two kids to go through college. they will not be hipsters for long. melissa: there's a new waffle taco, comes with a side of syrup. as big as the dorritos tacos?ov. are you getting it? >> no. melissa: totally getting it. that's all the money we have for you today. we'll see you back here tomorrow. you guys were fantastic. here comes "the willis report." gerri: hello issue everybody. i'm gerri willis. tonight on "the willis report," the long arm of the irs stretching further and further tonight, why they are looking for more information from not just political groups, but you. also, if stocks are not your thing, how to put your money into alternative investments. and jolie took a drastic step to prevent breast cancer. we'll ask the doctor
on either in cincinnati or elsewhere in the irs. melissa: yeah. president obama keeps pointing out that treasury secretary jack lew asked for the resignation of the acting irs commissioner. that is steven miller. of course we learned later he was set to step down as acting commissioner within two weeks. >> that's right. melissa: steven miller. there he is. that is who we're talking about. does that make you feel any better, that he's out. >> not at all. no. i think it is concerning that he was aware of some of this information. that he did not share it with ways and means or other members of congress who had been inquiring about this issue. he has been brought up before ways and means and testified on said he was unaware of these issues. now at the time that might have been true but he subsequently learned about these and he did not go back to congress to inform them. to me that is very concerning. now he is gone but the situation is not better. i mean we still don't know what the causes are of this investigation, of these attacks and this narrow focus on a certain set of groups. a
address that issue as well. second question deals directly with gordon's point about kicking the can down the road. alleys not to agree. on the other hand, obama's administration knew. [inaudible]. they all knew the time schedule. based had to start the process meant two years earlier we wouldn't be in the situation where he had to kick the bucket -- >> don't kick the bucket. [laughter] >> sorry about that. but anyway, you wouldn't have to do the two-year delay. and i was wondering coming in the, what happened there and who failed, and why didn't we get that? >> right here. >> i'm wondering if there's an open or secret agreement with south korea that a unified korea will not have nuclear weapons, that it will not inherit the north's nuclear weapons. and more importantly, if such an agreement exists, does china know about it? my thought here is that if a unified korea will not be a nuclear weapons power, it is that much less likely to intervene, to prop up the kim regime. >> okay, thank you. rob. >> rob warren. i would like to ask on then once, and that is the proposition that came out of
top down from the president. everyone is saying we have to deal with these problems at the level of the agency or doj investigators. the fact that washington hears obama every time we talk about government suggest just how divided our politics are. >> julian, when you see a law that says a social welfare organization has to be exclusively in the business of social welfare, seems to me if you're at the irs and you're granting tax exempt status on that basis, the word party appearing on the application is suspicion enough, whether that is democratic party, republican party, tea party, communist party, a party is a political organization with political objectives, it is not a social welfare organization. >> that's right, and you're right and you're correct, lawrence, in your interpretation of the law, it has been honored in the breach. what is not clear, who has standing to challenge it to bring it in compliance with the letter of the law as opposed to how the agencies have been implementing this law for the last 40 or 50 years. that's point one. >> julian, let me interject there, j
make similar solicitations? what specific steps has health and human services taken to ensure the obama administration will not favor businesses and organizations that gave money or punish those that did not donate? you know, madam president, prior to the latest efforts by secretary sebelius to shake down the health industry, well, she has a history of questionable decisions. back in september of 2010, health insurance companies started informing customers, their customers how much the president's health care law would increase the premiums of these individuals. so the secretary responded by warning insurers that the administration would be keeping track of their actions and that some companies might be -- quote -- "excluded from health insurance exchanges in 2014." that was not an idle threat. medicare's chief actuary had predicted that in the future, essentially all americans would buy health insurance through the government exchange. well, the president -- the secretary seemed to be threatening that any insurers telling customers the reason behind premium increases, which, of course,
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